Maintaining Senior Nail Care

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How to Maintain Senior Nail Care in Dallas, TX

Nail care remains an important part of personal grooming for seniors. There are many methods and tools that can be used to keep nails looking their best, though Dallas senior home care providers should use the following to keep their loved one’s nails healthy.

Detergents and soaps encountered when bathing, doing the dishes or other household chores have a tendency to dry the nails and causes splitting. Wearing gloves helps protect the hands and nails. When nails darken, applying and massaging lemon oil into the affected nail often reverses the problem. 

As with the rest of the body, a proper diet remains essential for healthy nails. Fresh fruits and vegetables consumed daily provide the required amount of enzymes, minerals and vitamins needed to maintain nail health. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are alternatives that offer calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B and zinc, which all work together to ensure strong nails. 

While the nails on the hands are the most visible, the toenail health is equally important. Regular pedicures keep toenails from cracking, breaking or splitting. Keeping toenails clean, dry and trimmed also prevents various diseases. Unlike fingernails, toenails should be cut straight across without curved edges. If nails are cut too short, painful ingrown toenails may occur.

Women often enjoy having polish applied to nails as part of routine manicures. While there are many products available, some nail polishes are specifically designed to offset dryness in addition to adding strength. Nailtiques and Rejuvcote are products that contain natural ingredients that include aloe vera, collagen and jojoba. 

If finger or toenails develop fungal infections, there are a variety of commercial and home remedies that help resolve the issue. However, seniors should not expect complete healing before six to 12 months. Home remedies include soaking the nails twice daily in a baking soda and citric acid solution. After soaking, apply tea tree oil to each affected nail. 

Nail care is one of many personal care options offered by Home Care Assistance of Dallas. We provide numerous in-home services including Alzheimer’s, stroke, and dementia care Dallas seniors need to assist them with activities of daily living. These include but are not limited to safety monitoring, medication reminders, and personal care assistance. Call (214) 363-3400 today to speak with a knowledgeable Care Manager and schedule a complimentary consultation.


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