Staying Active is Important at Any Age

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Senior woman wearing pink doing yoga outside with a home care provider in Dallas, TX

Staying active is important at any age. We need regular physical activity to keep our balance, strength, and cardiovascular health. Physical activity also reduces the chance of chronic disease. We can all increase our health and vitality, regardless of age!

Experts recommend 150 minutes or more of weekly exercise. Go slowly at first, and gradually increase frequency and intensity.

Walking is Perfect

Walking is perfect for every age and ability with no need for a gym membership! Older adults can stroll the neighborhood or venture to nature areas with trails. Walking gets even better as a social event if family or friends come along!

Do What You Can

TV doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Ride a stationary bike or walk on a treadmill while watching a TV show. Stretch on the commercial breaks or use hand weights to increase strength. Put on some lively music and dance to get spirits lifted and the body moving.

Gardens with Benefits

Enjoy the many benefits of herbs, produce and flowers from the backyard! Senses awaken from natural fragrances and getting outdoors provides a sense of wellbeing.


Golfing can offer healthy opportunities from the bending and swinging, as well as walking to each hole. Besides, there are social, physical and mental aspects of golf that are stimulating to the brain.


Swimming is ideal for cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal system health. It’s especially good for anyone with arthritis or joint pain, too. Most community pools have water aerobics classes or times specifically designated for older adults to enjoy the water.

Professional Help is Available

Of course, older adults may need help at times and they could benefit from Home Care Assistance. Professional help is available at any time for assistance with daily tasks or focusing on healthier activities.

Compassionate caregivers can offer assistance with adult mobility or exercise. Sometimes, offering transportation to a doctor appointment is appreciated. In any case, caregivers can allow an aging adult to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Family sometimes realizes there aren’t enough hours in the day to engage in all the activities their loved ones want or need. No reason to be sad or guilty! Allow Home Care Assistance to help. Respite care allows the aging adult or parent to have uninterrupted activity times while the family caregiver gets a well-deserved break.

Home Care Assistance caregivers are able to help with meal prep, physical activity and personal hygiene for short- or long-term. Call Home Care Assistance to inquire about our reliable in-home care for seniors.


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