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Paul Williams, 7 months ago

My family has had an exceedingly great experience with Home Care Assistance and I recommend them without reservation. My wife is terminally ill and began needing daily care in May 2019 during the day while I was at work and on weekends as well. We hired Home Care Assistance based on a doctor’s recommendation. Jennifer is the manager and she and her predecessor worked hard to match us with the best member of their team. I selected the first aide and that was a mistake. She and my wife didn’t mesh well and it was clearly because I made the selection rather than my wife, who was still lucid and could communicate at that point. For the selection of the next aide, my wife did the choosing – obviously a better method. We were matched with Jessica P, the most outstanding caregiver we could have asked for. I could not recommend her more highly. She has been nothing less than an angel for our family in the most difficult time of our lives. Jessica took the time and energy to develop a personal relationship with my wife. As a result, Jessica intuitively understands what Emily needs or wants and has become the most important part of my wife’s care team. Jessica’s professional experience has been invaluable, as she knows precisely how to handle situations that baffle us. Jessica also navigates the family dynamic instinctively and effectively. Her bedside manner is gentle and caring. I cannot overstate how impactful Jessica has been over the last few, very difficult months. Further, Jennifer her manager checks in with me and visits our house regularly to ensure everything is going smoothly and that my family and I are getting what we want and need. Again, my experience with Home Care Assistance and its employees have been nothing short of outstanding.

Debi Montoya, 3 months ago

Home Care Assistance of Dallas was the BEST. They responded to me the same day and sent over several people to interview for my Mom's care. We don't know what we would have done without them. Thanks again HCA of D.

Walter Jones, 6 months ago

We had an outstanding experience with Home Care Assistance with my dad when he was transitioning from the hospital. Jared was super responsive and kind, and very comforting. He was available immediately with a phone call and quickly got caregivers scheduled for us when I spoke with him from the hospital. He was warm and easy to work with during a stressful time. They were a perfect solution for us.

Victor Weis, 5 months ago

This Home Care Group has provided my family with caregivers for over two years. They are very professional, their caregivers are very professional and it is a pleasure to work with everyone. You can not go wrong in using their service.

Pam Michel, 11 hours ago

I contacted Home Care Assistance after my Father returned home from rehab following a stroke. My mother has rheumatoid arthritis & wasn't going to be able to do everything as far as caretaking plus she works part time. Having someone come on days my mom was gone & when I couldn't be there was perfect. HCA had a rep meet with us to determine our needs & my dad's preferences. A couple days later, a caretaker met with us for a couple of hours & got along great with my dad. After that, my parents had HCA come a couple days a week & tapered off as my dad got stronger & was able to start driving again. I was able to go on vacation & felt good that if there was a problem that came up, my parents could call HCA & get someone to help. Even now that things are better, my parents can call HCA & begin services again if needed. It definitely gives me more peace of mind! Thank you, HCA!

Yitzchok Freiwelter, 4 months ago

Outstanding! Exceeded all expectations! HCA rescued me from a disability crisis. They came out the same day I called, made a care plan, gave me a shower, and made food. My daily caregiver began next day. Jennifer’s experience allows her to see what you need, and to make it happen almost instantly. She truly unburdens one from the stress of needing home care. The caregivers were far superior to those I have encountered in the past w services for my brother.

Aida Diaz-Privado, 4 weeks ago

Jared and his team provide awesome service, with excellent care. I would recommend them to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Fred Holland, 5 months ago

Home Care Assistance offers wonderful in home attendant options. Great office staff! A variety of plans: caregiver relief by the hour, day, or night. Daytime. Nightime. 24 hours. Male and Female attendant. Dog and Cat friendly attendants. I have had friends and family use their services for five years.

Karen Weatherford, a month ago

The staff and communication with Home Care Assistance of Dallas has been an excellence experience to work with. I couldn't have expected more.

James Patchett, 6 months ago

I was very happy with the service Jared and his team provided! Their caregiving team is amazing and Jennifer who was the primary caregiver for my mother knew exactly what she needed to do from the care plan and also how to deal with my mother's dementia. Thank you all for everything you have done!

Linda Hart, 4 months ago

Great Therapist! He really worked great with my brother who is in a wheel chair.

David Peck, 6 months ago

Jared and his staff are top notch! I would not consider anyone else in town to care for my parents.
Thank you Jared!!

Janet Wright, 6 months ago

Other than being fairly expensive, the staff and home care personnel were great during a time when we needed 24/7 care.

Matthew Princiotto, 2 weeks ago
A Williams, 5 months ago
Addis Moges, 6 months ago
David Kusin, 6 months ago
Troy McNabb, 5 months ago
Debbie B , a month ago