Preventing Mild Cognitive Impairment During Depression

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Cognitive Decline Remedies & Cognitive Decline Cure to Prevent Mild Cognitive Impairment in Dallas, TX

Around 15 percent of adults in the age 65 and above face the symptoms of mild cognitive impairment. This condition is a memory problem. Alarming MCI or mild cognitive impairment can indicate severe problems and can interfere your daily life or every independent function in human body. Most of the people suffering from mild cognitive impairment are diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease within next five years. Hence, it is important for the people experiencing cognitive impairment to consult a doctor for instant diagnosis and avail the best treatment. One of the major reasons of MCI is depression. If you are experiencing worthlessness, loss of interest in activities, guilt and depressed mood, Be alert! These are the symptoms of depression. These symptoms directly affect the cognitive abilities such as decision making power, concentration and thinking. Are you frustrated with these factors? Don’t worry. There are certain ways that help you prevent Mild Cognitive Impairment when suffering from depression. This blog lets you know about some of the effective Cognitive Decline Remedies to cure MCI.

Get Enough Sleep

Enough sleep of seven to eight hours helps the brain to function properly. Get enough sleep to treat the symptoms of mild cognitive impairment. This helps to get rid of various problems like energy loss, fatigue, and irritation. This also enhances the ability of decision making and boosts the body energy level.

Exercise Patience and Take Breaks

Don’t rush into anything. Be patient and try to manage your work one by one. Confusing yourself for any work can lead to cognitive decline and depression. Encourage yourself whenever you can and give yourself a break when you feel overburdened. Use calendars, phone reminders, and sticky notes to remind you that it’s time to take a short break. It is good to break large tasks into small steps and to set the tasks priorities to complete tasks on time with the same energy level that also ensures 100% perfection.

Participate in Intellectual Activities

Participating in Intellectual activities is one of the best cognitive decline remedies. Playing mindful games, puzzles, reading books, using computer helps to preserve the functioning of the brain and prevents cognitive decline.

Social Engagement

Whenever we meet with friends, they reiterate the feeling social belongingness. This makes life easier and more satisfying. Social engagement helps to refresh mood, preserve mental function and makes the body more energetic. Engage with as many people as you can to treat the problem of cognitive decline.

Take Regular Exercises

Taking regular exercises is the best way to keep the heart, body and mind healthy. Exercises increase the blood circulation level in human body and nourish the brain. Exercise regularly to keep your mind and body healthy.

Take Great Care of Yourself!

With age multiplying, especially in the 60s, our mental strength becomes weak, hence it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to get rid of mild cognitive impairment problems. Do you have a family member suffering from depression? If you are looking for 24 hour home care in Dallas for your loved ones, home care assistance is just around you. Our trained caregivers at Home Care Assistance provide Alzheimer’s care and dementia care to ensure improved lives of people in Dallas. We are just a call away. Contact us at 214 253 8784.


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