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Parkinson’s Care Provides Relief to Dallas Families

Getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s is a life-changing event. During the first days of a loved one’s diagnosis emotions often run high and feelings of fear arise as loved ones become worried about exactly the what future may hold. Considering that the impact of Parkinson’s is considerable and far-reaching, families can feel unequipped to help their loved one with the great deal of care and attention required by this degenerative disease. That’s where we are can help. At Home Care Assistance of Dallas, we know the challenging needs of Parkinson’s patients and are extremely pleased to offer top-notch home care which allows seniors with Parkinson’s to carry on residing safely in the comfort of home.

Dallas’s Best Trained Parkinson’s Caregivers

Complications including tremors, immobility and balance are frequently reported by Parkinson’s patients. Our caregivers are experienced in the best way to meet the physical needs of seniors and will give assistance with cooking, feeding, personal care, medication management and physical therapy exercises. Our expertise and experience with Parkinson’s care enable us to:

  • Help – Caregivers identify the senior’s current abilities and times of day when symptoms are mild to create a schedule that allows them to perform and enjoy as much of their regular routine as possible. This helps the senior regain a sense of control, combating feelings of despair, helplessness, and depression.
  • Slow Cognitive Impairment – Home Care Assistance has developed an in-home program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method which is designed to help prevent and delay cognitive impairment, which is often seen in the later stages of Parkinson’s. Caregivers utilize hundreds of interventions to help boost memory and critical thinking.
  • Maximize Security & Comfort – By doing regular home evaluations, caregivers are able to recognize and eliminate any obstacles that may pose a safety risk as the disease advances. Caregivers also take daily CareNotes which prove valuable to the senior’s doctors and physical therapists, enabling them to adjust medications or treatment plans as new symptoms or challenges arise.

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Join the many families who rely on Home Care Assistance for the care of their aging loved ones. We offer free consultations where our Care Managers are able to explain any topics concerning our Parkinson’s caregivers and services. There are also no long-term commitments or upfront fees required and all of our care services come backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To schedule a consultation, call us at (214) 216-6811 today.