Enjoy the benefits of assisted living in the comfort of home

What is Home Care?

Home care is rooted in the principle that older adults should be free to age at home with the level of care they need to be safe and comfortable. To that end, most home care providers work hard to ensure that their clients are able to live as independently as possible while receiving the care they need to maintain a high quality of life. Our population is aging rapidly, and with an aging population comes an increased need for different care options, particularly when 9 out of 10 older adults have expressed a strong preference to “age in place” or stay in their own homes. In its simplest terms, home care means assistance with activities of daily living and household tasks. Ideally, home care also provides meaningful companionship for older adults and peace of mind for their families.

Home Care as an Alternative to Assisted Living

How Does Home Care Compare to Assisted Living Facilities?

Until a few years ago, assisted living facilities (ALFs) were seen as the primary care solution for aging adults. These facilities were created as an alternative to nursing homes and are typically made up of individual condominiums within a larger community that provides meals, housekeeping, occasional nursing visits and other services. While ALFs are one solution for older adults who are no longer fully independent, they also present significant hurdles to most seniors’ preferred way of life.

Moving away from the familiarity and comfort of home can have a significant impact on one’s emotional and psychological well-being. This emotional strain often leads to physical decline, further loss of independence and diminished quality of life. When frailty, chronic illness and memory loss make everyday activities a challenge, home care services can provide seniors with the care they need while allowing them to live as independently as possible in their own homes. Home care providers, called caregivers, provide the basic services that facilities do – such as light housekeeping, meal preparation and social activities – but also provide a much more customized plan of care tailored to the status, conditions, preferences, hobbies and lifestyle of the individual. Most important, older adults can choose the caregiver and level of service they need and adapt the care plan as their needs change.

Home care is also a cost efficient alternative to an assisted living facility. Depending on the facility, seniors are sometimes charged an upfront purchase price of hundreds of thousands of dollars for their living unit and/or ongoing fees ranging from $2500 to $9000 per month. Even in upscale facilities, staff members are spread across residents, meals are mass prepared at predetermined times and there is limited flexibility and variety in the daily routine. In-home assisted living through a home care provider such as Home Care Assistance can provide a more comprehensive and personalized solution at a comparable or lower cost. Caregivers provide oneon-one lifestyle support, personal care and companionship on a flexible hourly or around the clock basis. It’s no wonder that that home care is the solution that offers the most security and happiness for seniors and the greatest peace of mind for their families.

Home Care Assistance

At Home Care Assistance, our number one priority is the quality of our care. As the needs of older adults change, it is important that they receive adequate and high quality care to maintain an enriched way of life. Introducing a Home Care Assistance caregiver on an hourly or live-in basis is an excellent way to ensure that this happens.

Our Mission

Our mission at Home Care Assistance is to change the way the world ages. We provide older adults with quality care that enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in 24 Hour care. We embrace a positive, balanced approach to aging centered on the evolving needs of older adults. • 24 Hour Experts. We specialize in around the clock care to help seniors live well at home.

  • Available 24/7. Care managers are on call for clients and their families, even during nights and weekends.
  • High Caliber Caregivers. We hire only 1 in 25 applicants and provide ongoing training and supervision.
  • Balanced Care. Our unique approach to care promotes healthy mind, body and spirit.
  • Cognitive Therapeutics. Our proprietary cognitive stimulation program addresses cognitive decline, building on our expertise in brain health.
  • No Long Term Contracts. Use our services only as long as you’re 100% satisfied.
  • A Trusted Partner. We’re honored to be Preferred Providers for professionals in both the medical and senior communities.
  • Peace of Mind. Independent industry surveys place our client satisfaction rate at 97%.