Stem Cells Can Grow You a New Heart

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Can Scientists Grow Human Hearts in Laboratories in Dallas, TX?

Since scientists discovered stem cells more than 30 years ago, their value in the field of medicine has been very promising for both medical professionals and home care agencies in Dallas. It’s true most of the advantages that come with stem cell research are merely speculation today, however, scientists have already begun doing amazing things with their research. One important breakthrough involves the growing of healthy human hearts for those awaiting necessary transplants.

Most of the studies on stem cells so far have been limited to animal testing and have found to be able to aid in the regeneration of living tissues. This is because stem cells are considered to be our body’s building blocks and are capable of adopting the functions of other types of cells. There are several different types of stem cells known today, each with their own unique abilities:

  • Embryonic stem cells
  • Adult stem cells
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells

Embryonic stem cells appear to be the most promising type of cells due to their ability to transform into any cell within the body. These stem cells are extracted from young embryos called blastocysts and can be manipulated into adopting the functions of any other cell. More importantly, they have demonstrated the ability to repair damaged tissues and even form new organs such as hearts.

Adult stem cells, when harvested from bone marrow, have the ability to become other types of cells such as cells of the heart. Recently, a team of researchers was able to create a viable beating heart in their laboratory using stem cells and a structure of a donated human heart. Although we are not able to begin transplanting these lab-grown hearts quite yet, studies of the regenerative properties and potential to grow new organs are very promising. With a little luck, transplant recipients and their Dallas caregivers will have new hope for a successful surgery.

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