Why Your Loved One Should Drink Golden Milk

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How Does Golden Milk Benefit the Elderly in Dallas, TX?

Golden milk is easy to make. Mix one cup of almond or coconut milk with a teaspoon of organic coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric paste or powder. Some recipes recommend adding varying amounts of black pepper to help mix the spice into the milk. Others suggest adding some ginger to boost anti-inflammatory properties. Warm it up and add a little honey or cinnamon to improve the flavor, as turmeric is somewhat bitter. This recipe makes a nutritious and delicious bedtime beverage Dallas hourly caregivers can easily prepare to boost their senior loved one’s health.

Relieves Bone and Joint Pain

Medical researchers have been studying the active ingredients in turmeric and have found that they significantly reduce pain and increase mobility among those with conditions such as osteoarthritis, bursitis, and other spine and joint ailments. Medicines like aspirin often cause irritation of the stomach lining, but golden milk is gentle and is known to reduce inflammation due to turmeric’s high concentration of curcumin.

Prevents and Alleviates Illnesses

Recent clinical studies suggest that turmeric is helpful in fighting cancer of the breast and colon, prostate and skin, and even the lung. Golden milk also helps to alleviate some side effects of chemotherapy. Another advantage of drinking golden milk daily is its ability to keep cholesterol from forming gallstones. It has also beneficial in treating cardiovascular disease, colds, flu, and gum disease. It may even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, which is why dementia caregivers in Dallas are encouraged to prepare this drink for the seniors in their care.

Boosts Healthy Digestion

Golden milk offers relief for the pain and discomfort due to indigestion, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and even ulcers. It also reduces painful symptoms of gas and bloating. Because golden milk’s key ingredient is turmeric, it also encourages healthy digestion by staving off or alleviating symptoms of acid reflux, indigestion, and GERD.

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