Exploring the Uses for Emu Oil

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How Seniors Benefit from Using Emu Oil in Dallas, TX

Emu oil is derived from Dromaius novaehollandiae, an avian species from Australia that is somewhat similar to the ostrich. Aborigines use this animal byproduct for many purposes, many of which at-home Dallas caregivers can employ for the seniors in their care. This use has prompted the skin care industry to include emu oil as a key ingredient in many supplements and topical creams. Read on to learn more about the numerous applications of emu oil.

Emu Oil and Skin Care

Emu oil is an emollient that can work wonders on the skin of elderly people. In fact, emu oil is a main ingredient in many anti-aging creams. Similar to coconut oil, emu oil is highly recommended for those diagnosed with psoriasis at an advanced age. It breaks down the hard plaque and crust of skin cells, thereby making it easy to remove them from the skin.

The abundant fatty acids present in emu oil have additional benefits for seniors whose skin has become paper thin as the result of aging. Emu oil fortifies the skin, which means that the elderly do not have to worry about small cuts, bruises and abrasions. For seniors who are on permanent bed rest, emu oil applications can help prevent bedsores.

Emu Oil as an Anti-inflammatory

Seniors who live with arthritic conditions can also benefit from emu oil applications to their joints. Fatty acids are known to decrease the incidence of a natural substance that results in tissue inflammation, and this is something that has also been observed in both olive and fish oil. In emu oil, the heavy concentration of fatty acids has been proven to reduce inflammation by 60 percent in just a few hours for many seniors. This makes it more effective than ibuprofen. 

Additionally, emu oil is also recommended for senior citizens who suffer from chronic back pain. A simple back rub or massage using emu oil can relieve your senior loved one of stiffness or soreness brought on by inflammation of the tissue.

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