Home Safety Tips for Seniors with Dementia

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Home Safety for Elderly People with Dementia in Dallas, TX

Seniors with dementia do not always behave rationally and may run into unexpected dangers around the house. For this reason, they need Dallas caregivers in order to prevent them from injuring themselves or others. Consider implementing the following safety tips in your loved one’s home to ensure his or her wellbeing while managing dementia symptoms.

Improve Bathroom Safety

Seniors with dementia frequently lose the ability to think logically about causes and effects, which can put them in some sticky situations at home. Aside from cognitive issues, they may also have trouble with mobility. To help your loved one combat these problems in the bathroom, consider using technology to regulate water flow, temperature and rate to prevent excessive water use. Adding a hand-held showerhead and grabbars to the tubs and showers and by the toilet may promote greater independence for seniors with mild dementia while enhancing safety.

Install a Sprinkler Fire Suppression System

Seniors with dementia sometimes fail to appreciate fire hazards, which is why providers of dementia home care in Dallas should take the necessary precautions. In the event of a house fire, a home simple fire-suppression sprinkler system can significantly improve the chance that a slow moving senior with dementia will avoid life-threatening injuries. It will also boost the chance of your loved one’s home being saved.

Lock Up Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Sometimes confused dementia patients will misuse cleaning supplies in food or leave them within reach of household pets. Keeping these materials securely locked away is a useful safety precaution, especially in food preparation areas. An ideal place to store these items is on a top shelf that your loved one cannot reach or would not think to look on.

Automated Medical Assistance

Consider installing an automated monitoring system to notify you immediately if your loved one with dementia sustains a fall or other home accident in your absence. Even seniors with professional Dallas dementia home care providers may experience falls at night or at other times while unattended. Confusion may prevent seniors from responding appropriately to a household accident that merits a trip to the doctor. A monitoring system will alert you promptly if your loved one slips to the floor, enabling you to summon professional assistance immediately.

Should your loved one require dementia at-home care, turn to the professionals at Home Care Assistance. Our dementia caregivers are highly trained to promote senior safety and wellbeing in the comfort and familiarity of your loved one’s home. We encourage cognitive stimulation and offer personal care assistance to ensure our clients receive optimal dementia home care. To learn more about our services, schedule an in-home consultation, or ask questions, contact us at (214) 363-3400 today.


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