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Celebrate Successful Aging with Positive Thinking!

The number of people living to age 100 has nearly doubled in the past three decades and with longer lifespan comes a shift in focus on promoting wellness in our extended years. Our mission at Home Care Assistance of Dallas is to change the way the world ages, helping older adults enjoy longer, happier and healthier lives into their later years through community education and innovative programs based on cutting-edge research in the health and senior care fields. It’s time to celebrate successful aging with positive thinking in Dallas!

The Balanced Care Method is built on evidence that only one-third of healthy longevity is based on genetics while two-thirds is based on lifestyle factors within our control! This balanced approach allows older adults to live longer, happier lives by focusing on five key behaviors correlated with extended healthspan: diet, physical exercise, active social ties, mental stimulation and a sense of purpose. To truly fulfill our mission, we thoroughly train our caregivers in the Method, ensure consistency of care and provide 24/7 support to each client and his or her family.

Our commitment to healthy aging does not stop there. We believe that providing the resources to empower people to make proactive decisions about their health will help them make better lifestyle decisions, and ultimately, improve their overall quality of life. We have published seven books as a part of our award-winning Senior Wellness Book Series, which features topics on aging, healthy longevity, brain health, sleep quality and more. This widely acclaimed series has been praised by families and professionals alike as the go-to resource for seniors and their loved ones.

Use the power of positive thinking in Dallas

By exposing our clients and the greater international community to resources from a diverse spectrum of health and wellness fields, we are able to engage and empower people to make proactive and healthy decisions. On Sunday, June 12, please visit the “Positive Thinking: Create the Life You Want” event in Dallas, TX. The best or worst place to live is in your own mind. Seeing your life from a positive perspective changes the way you think, which changes everything. You can choose to be positive: to think, see, feel and act in new and healthier ways. As you let go of negativity, you will start to be grateful and positive in word, thought and deed, resulting in your ever-increasing happiness and peace of mind. You will begin to create the loving, joyful, prosperous, healthy life that you want.

Event details:

  • June 12, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.
  • 4801 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, Texas 75244

Harvard’s Happiness and Health Study Results are In!

Starting in 1938, the Harvard Department of Psychiatry initiated the Grant Study in order to uncover the key to happiness and healthy longevity by tracking the lives of 724 men for 75 years. Participants shared their social histories, answered written surveys every other year, participated in face-to-face interviews every fifteen years, and completed physical examinations every five years along with brain scans, video interviews and more.

The participants included 268 sophomores from Harvard College and 456 teenage boys from the poorest neighborhoods in Boston’s inner city. They were interviewed about their school, work and home lives. Some would go on to become bricklayers, lawyers, schizophrenics and alcoholics; one even went on to become President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

So what did the researchers find? Robert Waldinger, the fourth-generation director of the study, recently shared their findings in a TEDx talk: good relationships keep us happier and healthier. We have long known that being social is correlated with elated moods and longer lifespan. Both our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, an in-home activities program to promote brain health, and our Balanced Care Method™, a holistic approach to healthy aging, promote socialization along with a healthy diet, exercise, mentally-engaging activities and a sense of calm for healthy longevity.

Senior Relationships: Keeping the Sexual Spark

It’s important for family members and live-in caregivers in Dallas to understand that sexual contentment is an important part of happiness at any age. For seniors who are in long-term relationships, it is necessary to maintain intimacy throughout the years. Though a person’s sex life will change as they age, it is still possible to have a fulfilling physical and emotional connection to one’s partner.

Research by Dr. David Frederick, a professor of psychology at Chapman University, has provided valuable insight into what makes a long-term relationship work. The research team surveyed couples that were in long relationships to see how certain things affected sexual satisfaction. They discovered that people who reported happiness felt that sex was passionate, playful, or loving, and communication and variety were key components to accomplish this happiness.

The research team noted that couples who kept passion alive for several decades all had one thing in common. They communicated with each other about sex and made an active effort to add variety and fun to their sex life. Actions that contributed to a satisfied sex life included trying new positions, going on romantic getaways, using sex toys or lingerie, acting out fantasies, and having date nights.

Things that led to a lack of enjoyment in sex were equally revealing. People who had sex that lasted less than 30 minutes were more likely to be unsatisfied and people did not enjoy sex when they were just doing it to please their partners. Both men and women needed to feel desired in order to be satisfied.

Dr. Frederick’s study found that couples that had a good sex life felt that their emotional closeness to their partner had grown since they first started their relationship. Seniors can benefit from this emotional and physical closeness by working with their partner to have a happy sex life. By communicating their needs, taking time to show that they value each other, and trying to find variety, seniors can keep the spark alive in their relationship.

Remaining sexually active and maintaining intimacy are two important parts of enjoying the golden years. Seniors can further flourish in other aspects of their lives with help from Dallas Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of at-home care that promotes health and longevity for local seniors by helping them adopt balanced lifestyle choices such as healthy diet and regular exercise. To learn more about we can offer your loved one, call (214) 216-6811 today and schedule a complimentary consultation with a friendly Care Manager.

How Understanding Ageism Promotes Longevity

In 1968, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and geriatric specialist Dr. Robert N. Butler created the word ageism, which has become known as discrimination against older people. Recently, however, Umea University professor Fredrik Snellman explained that he is striving to change the concept of the term to reflect a more positive and general experience of aging. His article was published in the Journal Nordic Psychology and can provide insight for seniors and their hourly caregivers in Dallas.

In his writings, Snellman explains that instead of discrimination and the other negative ideas associated with the term, “ageism” should be redefined to better reflect the biological, chronological, psychological and social aspects of the aging process for adults of all ages. 

He bases his concept on a study that indicates negative ageism has a definite link with increased mortality. The study Snellman referred to suggested that when people aged 50 and younger feel negatively about getting older, these individuals live an average of 7.5 years less compared to people who embrace the aging process. To Snellman, these findings indicate the need to increase awareness and improve attitudes toward the natural life process. 

Whether Snellman’s concept catches on and he is able to change the way people think about getting older, Dr. Gregory A. Hinrichsen, a geriatric physician from Mount Sinai recommends a number of ways to change people’s opinions. Mature adults should speak up in their own defense and actively participate in life. Stay mentally and physically active by keeping up with current events and having future goals. Demonstrate to friends, family members, and Dallas home care providers that they are capable of keeping up with the times by using modern technological devices and social media. 

Mature adults should also make an effort to remain positive and consider that with age comes experience and wisdom. Many also mistakenly equate aging with increased helplessness. Adults do not lose abilities as long as they continue being independent. Consider attending a college class or perhaps a physical fitness class at a local health center. Including younger people in your social circle provide incentive to be a vital energetic person. 

Seniors can also remain vital and active with help from Home Care Assistance of Dallas. We provide comprehensive dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s home care in Dallas that promotes senior independence and wellbeing. Our professional caregivers work with seniors to build a balanced lifestyle comprised of healthy diet, regular exercise, and socialization. Give your senior loved one the opportunity to age in place with confidence. Call us today at (214) 216-6811 to learn more and schedule a no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager.

Online Dating: Is it Right for My Senior Loved One?

Online dating is extremely popular among seniors, but it comes with some pros and cons. Before encouraging your senior loved one to set up a profile, Dallas caregivers recommend you examine the following information to determine whether or not online dating is right for your elderly family member. 

There’s a Wide Selection of Prospective Suitors

There is no shortage of online dating sites, even for seniors. There is a vast selection of seniors that your elderly loved one can interact with when he or she signs up. Some members on the dating site are local while others are scattered around the world, which gives your loved one a better selection to choose from.

Dating Sites Are Usually Inexpensive

Many seniors live on a limited income, which is why online dating is beneficial to them. Some sites charge a small fee while others are absolutely free. This will help your senior loved one avoid spending too much money in the pursuit of companionship. Just make sure your loved one does his or her research and verifies that the site isn’t just a free trial or has hidden fees.

It’s a Fun Way to Meet Others 

Your senior loved one can eliminate the first date jitters thanks to online dating. This is an exciting way for him or her to meet new people and get to know people through chats and video messenger. Once your loved one knows a person well enough, he or she can arrange to meet in person. Encourage your senior loved one to meet her dates in a public place, and be sure to go along to ensure her safety. If you aren’t available to escort your senior loved one, enlist the help of a trusted provider of in-home care in Dallas.

Not Everyone Is Honest Online

While there are many benefits of online dating, there are some drawbacks to remember. Some individuals will sign up for online dating using fictitious information or a fake photo. You will need to explain to your loved one that some people may not be honest about their intentions, but do not get discouraged if this happens. Remind your loved one to never give his or her personal information to anyone online, such as his address or financial account numbers.

Online dating offers new opportunities to seniors, but it’s important for them to err on the side of caution. When you aren’t readily available to assist your loved one with things like websites, technology, or even household chores, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We provide flexible live-in and part-time care Dallas seniors can rely on to help them age in place. In addition to helping seniors around the house, our highly trained caregivers offer emotional support and companionship to promote overall wellbeing. Give your loved one the care they deserve and call (214) 216-6811 today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Helping Your Elderly Loved One Avoid Winter Depression

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, people of all ages start to feel more lethargic and perhaps even sad. Winter depression occurs because the brain and body are naturally affected by the daily cycle of light and dark. Your aging loved ones are even more susceptible to winter depression because they are not as active as they used to be, which can inhibit the brain’s ability to regulate negative emotions as seniors age. Fortunately, Dallas live-in home care professionals can share several tips to fight off winter depression and alleviate negative feelings.

Exercise Regularly

One of the major reasons that seniors are prone to winter depression is because they cannot exercise in the cold. Though cold weather may be too rough for the fragile immune systems of the elderly, shopping malls often open early so that people can walk around indoors during the winter, and the gentle walking pace is a great way for seniors to boost their endorphins and stave off depression.

Eat Healthy

During winter holidays, it is easy to indulge in sweet treats or overeat. However, rich foods can upset a senior’s digestive system and interfere with proper nutrition that feeds and regulates brain health. It is important for seniors to focus on getting enough proteins and grains to boost their energy and avoid foods that promote lethargy.

Take Vitamin Supplements

The lack of sunlight in the winter can lead to a serious vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is an important nutrient that supports bone health and naturally boosts serotonin levels in the brain. It is also crucial for elderly people to get enough vitamin D so that they do not develop osteoporosis, which could otherwise hinder them from physical activity. A daily supplement of vitamin D can be very helpful during the short daylight hours.

Get Some Light

The best way to combat winter depression is to be regularly exposed to sunshine. You may want to consider buying a light box for your senior loved one since seniors have a higher risk for skin cancer. These boxes shine light that mimics natural sunrays, but they block the harmful rays that can cause skin cancer.

Don’t let your senior loved one get the blues this winter. Call Home Care Assistance at (214) 216-6811 and speak with a trusted Care Manager about our quality in-home care in Dallas. Our compassionate caregivers offer seniors assistance with everything from personal care and household chores to physical exercise and regular interaction on a flexible schedule in the comfort and security of home. When you call, be sure to schedule a complimentary consultation for your senior loved one.