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3 Outdoor Summer Activities that are Perfect for Older Adults in Dallas

Summer brings sunshine and fresh air, but for seniors who have mobility issues, the simple act of venturing outside can be difficult. Depending on the activity, going outdoors can help relieve boredom, increase vitamin D from sun exposure and boost physical exercise resulting in happiness and improved overall well-being.

Here are 3 outdoor summer activities in Dallas, TX! Try one with your loved one today!

1. Plant a garden

Seniors who need to use canes, walkers or wheelchairs may feel frustrated or inconvenienced in crowded public places. Planting a garden in the privacy of his or her backyard is a simple way to get your loved one outdoors without the stress of venturing too far from home. Planting flowers, fruits or vegetables will also give him or her something to look forward to as he or she watches the seedlings grow.

2. Eat or read outside

Another convenient outdoor activity is to move a meal outside when it is cooler in the early morning or early evening. It could even be a picnic! This change of scenery will create an enjoyable and calming environment. Being outside in the fresh air is also said to increase concentration, making it an ideal place to read a book, which also promotes brain health.

3. Attending a local event

During the summertime, there are plenty of free, outdoor concerts, plays and other events to attend. Look up your city’s calendar of local events and allow your loved one to pick the one that interests him or her the most. Arrive early to accommodate your loved one’s seating needs. If he or she is in a wheelchair, try sitting closer to the front to improve the visibility of the performers. If your loved one uses a cane or walker, bring collapsible chairs so that he or she can sit easily if needed.

Free Community Health Fair in Dallas, TX

When it comes to local healthcare and wellness events, our staff members at Home Care Assistance of Dallas know exactly where to go. On June 11 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., be sure to attend the free Community Health Fair at Brookhaven College. There will be free flu shots, blood pressure checks, hearing tests, vision checks and much more!

Event details:

  • June 11, 2016 from  9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • 3939 Valley View Lane, Dallas, Texas 75244

Safe Winter Fun for the Elderly

Even with the cheer leftover from the holiday season, winter can be underwhelming for some senior citizens. Frigid air and lack of sunshine can put a damper on any outdoor activities seniors would otherwise enjoy, thereby resigning them to the house. Don’t let the winter blues get your senior loved one down. If you’re looking for some safe and fun winter activities to enjoy with your senior loved one, Dallas part-time care provider can recommend a few notable ideas.

Winter Organizing

The winter months are the perfect time for your senior to get organized. Sorting through closets, cabinets, and wherever else your senior loved one keeps his or her odds and ends can be both fun and therapeutic. It’s a good way to be reminded of fond memories while also learning how to let go of unnecessary clutter.


Speaking of memories, scrapbooking is a pleasant way to preserve them for years to come. Scrapbooking during the winter months can help your loved one focus on all the positive things in his or her life, past and present. It can be done manually with an actual book or digitally to allow for easier sharing and portability. Not only does it stimulate cognition, but it’s also a fun project to show off to friends and family, especially grandchildren.

Entertaining Guests

While many of us limit winter entertaining to the holidays, it doesn’t have to be. Entertaining guests is a terrific way to make sure your senior loved one remains social and active during the bleak winter months, which promotes mental health among seniors. Whether you host a dinner party, game night, or even a movie marathon, entertaining guests provides seniors with the social and mental stimulation they need to combat the winter blues.

Loom Knitting

The chilly air of winter calls for appropriate attire. Buying clothes may be more convenient, but it can be even more fun to make your own. With a knitting loom, you and your loved one can knit scarves, hats, and other winter accessories to add a little fun to a chilly winter day. Knitting projects can be an excellent way to inspire your senior loved to be creative while exercising his or her dexterity and promoting independence.

Keeping your senior loved one active during the winter months can help stave off undesirable ailments like winter depression, anxiety, and restlessness. To further occupy your loved one with socially and mentally stimulating activities, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of elderly home care Dallas families can trust to help their senior loved ones. Whether our services are needed on an hourly or live-in basis, we offer seniors companionship, personal care assistance, and help with household chores. To learn more about how we can help your senior loved one, call us today at (214) 216-6811 and schedule a complimentary consultation.

Holly Jolly Holiday Traditions for Seniors and Their Families

When a senior loved one lives alone, the holiday season can be difficult for him or her. But with the help of caregivers in Dallas, families can make the holiday season special for seniors in so many ways. Start new traditions in your loved one’s home and include them in as many of the festive activities as possible. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Decorate the Home

Whether the extent of holiday decorations entails trimming a small tree or creating a more elaborate display, decorating can lift your loved one’s spirits. Seniors may be delighted at the chance to spend time with loved ones and watch younger generations of family members make a fuss over tinsel and holly. Depending on whether or not your loved one receives in-home dementia care in Dallas, you might keep the excitement to a minimum to avoid any confusion. 

Holiday Treats

Many families enjoy creating holiday candies and cookies to share with friends and family during the Christmas season. Set aside one or more evenings or weekend days to create some delicious treats with your elderly loved one. He or she will enjoy the mental and emotional stimulation that comes with enjoying a structured holiday activity with a beloved family member.

Preparing the Feast

Families traditionally congregate in kitchens during the holidays in preparation of the Christmas meal. If your elderly parent or grandparent is willing to host the dinner, do the cooking in his or her home. Encourage seniors to assist in the process or just let them sit back, relax and enjoy the company of others while socializing. This can be a great time to chat and reminisce together.

Special Outings

If your parent or grandparent is physically able, take him or her Christmas shopping or simply plan an outing to check out all of the decorations displayed throughout the neighborhood. Seniors might also enjoy caroling through the neighborhood or volunteering at homeless shelters provided they are well enough.

Make a Scrapbook

Gather family photographs and create a scrapbook with your elderly loved one. The time you spend together working on the project provides the chance to reminisce about family traditions of past and present. While working on the craft, you may learn interesting family anecdotes while your loved one brushes up on current events. This project can be continued on an annual basis as part of a holiday tradition. 

Seniors can benefit from the closeness of family this time of year, not only because it offers stability and emotional support, but because it also keeps them cognitively engaged. To supplement the mental and emotional stimulation you already provide for your senior loved one, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We provide diligent as-needed home care Dallas families can trust, whether your loved one needs safety monitoring or could use some help around the house. Call us today at (214) 216-6811 to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation.