Useful Resources for Seniors with Cancer

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Resources for Dallas, TX Seniors with Cancer

When you are caring for a senior loved one with cancer, knowing where to go for help and support is crucial. This allows you provide the best Dallas home care possible and helps your loved one understand what they’re going through. The following resources provide valuable information and advice to help your loved one manage a cancer diagnosis. 

Association of Cancer Online Resources

This website provides an easy way to find online cancer support groups. These groups offer emotional support for caregivers and those with cancer. You’ll find a wide range of support groups for many types of cancer that occur among seniors, including lung, prostate, and stomach cancer. There are also groups that discuss treatment options and side effects of cancer treatments. 

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society offers helpful information for caregivers and family members of those with cancer. If you are taking care of a senior with cancer, you can find information regarding how to support those with cancer and how to care for yourself, as well as information on the American Cancer Society’s support programs and services. Some of these services include:

  • Financial aid
  • Medical trial referrals
  • Volunteer programs

This website provides a number of helpful resources for caregivers and family members of those diagnosed with cancer. From information on cancer research to online support for family caregivers, you can find what you need to provide high-quality cancer care for your loved one. You’ll also find a list of organizations that offer additional information on home care, medical trials, and research.


CancerCare provides practical and emotional outlets for seniors with cancer and their family caregivers. These resources include support groups, counseling, financial assistance, community programs, and research publications on cancer. You can find information on certain types of cancer, different treatment options, and ways to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis.

Online resources are key components in helping seniors and their loved ones fight a cancer diagnosis, but sometimes the best help is given in person. With professional help from Home Care Assistance, seniors are able to focus their energy on fighting and recovering from cancer in the comfort of home. Our dedicated caregivers help seniors around the house with light housekeeping, personal care, and nutritious meal preparation to promote health and overall wellbeing. In addition to helping seniors with cancer, we also specialize in Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s home care in Dallas. To learn more about our services, contact a compassionate Care Manager at (214) 363-3400 today.


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