April Is National Stress Awareness Month

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What Caregivers Can Learn from Stress Awareness Month in Dallas, TX

In honor of Stress Awareness Month in April, Dallas senior care providers want family caregivers to be more familiar with signs of stress and how to manage it. This annual holiday has been dedicated to spreading the message about the dangers of stress and providing coping strategies since 1992. Stress Awareness Month is important because the information that is shared can help millions of Americans who may be exposed to stress, particularly those caring for senior family members. Additionally, since this holiday has a yearly focus, health care professionals can get the word out about research findings regarding modern sources of stress how to effectively manage them.

What Is Stress?

The National Institute of Mental Health defines stress as the brain’s response to any demand. These demands, and their responses, can be mild, major, or even extreme. Stress, particularly chronic stress, can manifest itself in physical symptoms and result in more serious health complications. For family caregivers, this stress could lead to anxiety, depression, and even burnout.

What Is Stress Awareness Month?

National Stress Awareness Month is an opportunity for family caregivers and others who experience stress to learn more about this condition and how to manage it. This knowledge is also beneficial for those receiving care, as illness is often a source of stress. Just as important, however, are the benefits for caregivers, as this job is both physically and emotionally demanding.

What Are Some Signs of Stress?

  • Low energy
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Constant worrying
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach or nausea 
  • Becoming easily agitated or frustrated

What Are Some Ways to Reduce Stress?


  • Exercise regularly
  • Seek emotional support from a trusted friend or advisor
  • Create a list of priorities and learn to say “no” when the list becomes too demanding
  • Schedule time for self care doing relaxing activities
  • Seek help from a health care professional, family member, or respite care provider

What Resources Are Available?

  • Primary care physician
  • National Institute of Mental Health website
  • National Stress Awareness Month website
  • The Mayo Clinic website for caregivers

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