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Jennifer Satery
Jennifer Satery – Client Care Manager

It has been my privilege to serve families in the Dallas community for many years.  My background and work experience caring for and providing assistance to individuals needing special care has led me to a lifelong passion to serve.

I believe one of the most important aspects of caring for an individual is the ability to identify ways to ensure the best possible outcomes and establish a plan to achieve them.  Everyone wants his or her loved one to be safe, happy, cared for and enjoy the highest quality of life possible at home. I have been fortunate to be able to provide that assurance to many families.

Having worked closely with clinicians and teams of medical professionals, I have learned first hand the importance of good care, from the medical provider as well as the ongoing care at home.  Managing daily routines, scheduling multiple therapies, medical and personal appointments, preparing meals and taking care of all other activities of daily living can be overwhelming for family members and often leaves little time for enjoyment.

Working with families to provide options, resources and assistance that result in good outcomes has been very rewarding and has strengthened my passion as a Client Care Manager.

At Home Care Assistance of Dallas, we help by providing trained caregivers who truly care about the uniqueness of your family’s needs and how they can assist.  Service is available in a loved one’s home, a family member’s home, or in an independent or assisted living environment.  If you are ready to learn more, I would love to set up a free, no-obligation appointment.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Shannon GoreShannon Gore, MSW MPH – Director of Client Care

I am passionate about providing excellent service and enabling our clients to maximize their independence. From a young age, I have always wanted to make a difference and do meaningful work. This led me from Cleveland Ohio to continue my education in Baltimore MD. My interest in helping others was solidified when I spent time as a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Namibia, a country in Southern Africa. Upon my return to the U.S. I knew that I had to further my education to truly have a positive impact on someone’s life and the method to do that was to return and obtain a Masters in Social Work. This led me to a career working with individuals with infectious disease and from there I spent multiple years working with individuals with chronic health conditions. Having worked with many individuals affected and infected by various diseases, I chose to pursue a Master’s in Public Health that would allow me the opportunity to make a positive impact on our community.

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Gayle Collins – Director of OperationsGayle Collins

I am passionate about giving back to people and assisting patients, families and caregivers with their healthcare needs. I was raised by my grandmother. It was then that I realized working with the aging population was where my true passion lies. I’m excited to utilize my personal experiences, strong work ethic, and expertise to advocate for my clients and their families by providing the best caregivers. My goal as an Employee Care Manager is to hire, train and coordinate our caregiving staff to assist families with their loved ones by providing the very best care available. I look forward to working with you and your family.

Jared CaplanJared Caplan – General Manager

Our mission at Home Care Assistance is to change the way the world ages. We do that by developing innovative programs, awareness campaigns, and educational resources that promote healthy longevity for seniors and advance our mission. Our Balanced Care Method™ approach to aging based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest—and healthiest—living population on Earth emphasizes healthy nutrition, physical and mental exercise, and a purposeful and calm lifestyle. Moreover, it helps promote optimal quality of life and contributes to longer, happier and more productive lives for older adults. I am very proud to be part of the only home care solution that emphasizes active caregiving and improved lives. We also are the only company in Texas that specializes in live-in care, which allows older adults to remain forever at home. We opened our business with a goal of setting a higher standard of excellence in home care for older adults. We strive to be a company that listens to the desire of our clients and responds to the needs of their families as well. Today, our clients and their families tell us we are on target.